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We offer both Lira Clinical and HydroPeptide. They're both formulated with high-quality and effective ingredients to generate incredible results. Shop our recommended products online! For any retinols and more active products, send us a message to purchase these in person. 

offering lira clinical + hydropeptide


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+ Effective products with ingredients from all over the world
+ Created to address global skin types and conditions
+ Vegan & Cruelty-Free 
+ Women-Owned Product Line

why lira clinical?

I have been working with Lira Clinical since 2019 and did not hesitate to think about bringing it to Glow on. Lira products are
formulated with high quality and effective ingredients to generate incredible results. Lira products are brightening, healing, and anti-aging. I have seen the results myself, and I’m so excited for you to try the line.

LIRA CLINICAL skincare line

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+ Patented peptide technology
+ Transformative formulas
+ Formulates with powerful gene-signaling ingredients

HydroPeptide has been part of my skincare repertoire since 2020. The company uses cutting-edge science and consults professionals with deep ties to the skincare industry and the field of genetics to develop results-driven products. HydroPeptide is a favorite of mine and I cannot wait for it to become a favorite of yours as well.

why hydropeptide?


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